Venue Hire

Located next to Camden Town Centre, the Bicentennial Equestrial Park and Club House provides a function venue with kitchen facilities, meeting room, open pavilions and plenty of space for functions of all kinds.

2017 Master Plan

We are currently developing a new Master Plan for the Camden BEP. This Master Plan will establish a "comprehensive plan of action" for the next 5 years from 2017 & beyond.

The BEP Management Committee is seeking input from all users of the Park and it's facilities to contribute to the Master Plan. BEP park users are representative of the greater Camden Community including equestrians & non equestrians and your input is vital in developing a vision that supports all uses of this unique community facility and allows the park to grow & improve in the coming years.

Please submit your interest in the park and your suggestions (e.g. Rec. rider - build new wash bays, or, Casual Walker - install drinking water) and we'll include all constructive feedback in our review process.

<email submissions here>