Venue Hire

Located next to Camden Town Centre, the Bicentennial Equestrial Park and Club House provides a function venue with kitchen facilities, meeting room, open pavilions and plenty of space for functions of all kinds.

County of Cumberland Campdraft Club

County of Cumberland Campdrafting Club

About Us

The County of Cumberland Campdrafting Club Inc is a not for profit Club which conducts a training day at the Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park on the 4th Sunday of the month commencing at 9am.

Yearly Memberships are from 1st July to 30th June and fees are Senior $35 and Junior $20. As we are affiliated with the Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft & Rodeo Association (ABCRA) - Tamworth membership of their association is also required.

Training day bookings are made to the President, Rodney Crump on 0417 291 334 no later than 9pm on the Wednesday prior to the Sunday event and the Fee for the day is $40 per horse. BBQ lunch is also available on the day.

The Club also conducts a “Breast Cancer Competition Draft covering three days in August (16-18th 2013) with proceeds donated to the Cancer Council of NSW for Breast Cancer Research.

What is Campdrafting?

Campdrafting involves a mounted rider riding into a "camp" (corral or yard) which has six to eight head of cattle in it. The rider (cuts out) one steer or heifer from the cattle in the camp and brings that beast to the front of the camp and block and turns that beast at least two or three times to prove to the judge that they have the beast under control.

The rider then calls for the gates to be opened. The cut out is worth a total of 26 points. The rider then proceeds to draft (work) the beast around a figure of eight course in a larger arena. Generally the course is set to the left and once the beast has gone around the left peg, it must then be drafted around a peg on the right.

Once that is completed, the rider then guides the steer through the "gate" which is two pegs placed apart. Once gated, the campdraft is complete and the rider can be awarded up to a total of 100 points. Points are awarded for horsemanship and control of the beast.... within set time limits (usually 45-47 seconds).