Park Land

The Camden BEP is approximately 200 acres divided by Matahill Creek through the centre and a few acres of natural wetland. The Park also has the RSL memorial walking path approximately 2.5 kilometers long.


Community activities on the Park are the busiest bookings of all activities.

Private functions in our three clubhouses,

  • Meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Other club gatherings
  • Circus entertainment
  • Paws In The Park
  • Gala Day
  • Dog shows
  • Camden Show
  • Dog training
  • Safety child restraint fitting days
  • Dancing classes and more!


The BEP committee welcomes new ideas and input from the community. All (except private) events are available to the public at no charge and there is free grandstand viewing at all equestrian events along with entertainment at some major events; face painting for kids, jumping castles, food stalls and catering at a modest cost.

Every day there are people walking in the park along the 2.5 kilometre walking path or enjoying their dogs having a run or on leashes at various times of day. The Camden RSL Anzac Day Ceremony is a huge event attracting around 5000 people of all ages from many areas.

Over a year around 50,000 people attend the Park, it is a wonderful Community facility virtually at the end of the main street and with easy parking and access from 4 entrances.