The Committee

The Park is owned by Camden Council and administered by a Committee consisting of Equestrian & Community volunteers.


Recreational Riding

BYO Horse & Ride in the Park.

The park, all 80 hectares, is available for use by recreational horse riders and horse carriage drivers most days of the year, excluding only those days on which major events are being held taking up the use of the whole ground.

Both individually and in groups many riders have been taking advantage of this facility at all times of the day from day break to late evening throughout the year.

Terms and conditions of usage are set out in the Application Form. Additionally, the committee has adopted and implemented safety rules in line with National Standards. International Standards may apply in the case of events requiring their usage.

As riders/drivers are not covered by Camden Council insurance it is the duty of the rider/driver to provide evidence of personal insurance coverage of his/her usage of the park.

N.B. Home and Building Contents Policies, including N.R.M.A. and other similar insurers, do not provide liability coverage for this park usage.

Registrations run for up to 12 months and all commence on July 1 of each year. Fees are payable in advance and are pro-rata the annual fee per 3 month period (i.e. charged for 12, 9, 6 or 3 month periods)

If you have any questions contact our coordinator John Kelly on on 0412 072 759


Dress Rules


All riders must wear an Australian Standards approved helmet while riding on the Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park whether competing or otherwise, unless specifically competing in an event in which the accepted dress code requires otherwise. Riders are to understand that their EA or other current rider insurance may be rendered void in the event of an accident/injury, wherever it may occur, if that rider is found to have not been using an approved helmet.

Helmets marked as follows are approved for use: AS/NZS3838;1998 (Australian & New Zealand standard) EN 1384 (Current European Standard) ASTN F1163 (Current U.S. Standard) (where competing in events accepting those standards)

Subject to accepted Dress Code potential riders will NOT be allowed to ride if not wearing an approved helmet. Helmets over 5 years old, or which have been involved in a helmet impacting fall, CANNOT be worn.



Heeled boots must be worn by all riders.